Technology transfer day to the sector

 The conference held on November 3 about SOILMONTANA project and Agroecosystem health cards presentation, was very positive in all aspects: attendanc

Neiker Experts show how to perform, reliable diagnoses in the health of a grazing ground

In order to present the activities developed during this first year within the project "Soilmontana-Agroecosystem health cards : soil and plant bi

Cards for assessing agroecosystem health, AHC,have been brought out

Already available to the sector AHC or cards for assessment of agroecosystems health, created within the project LIFE SOILMONTANA. What are AHCs?

Field Technical Seminar on agroecosystems health cards

From the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources NEIKER we invite you to participate in the first field day of the LIFE+ project entitled "SOILMON

2012 First quarter Press Report

2012 First Quarter digital Press Report 2012 First quarter Press Report

SOILMONTANA project second meeting

On april 2, a new SOILMONTANA project meeting was held at Gorbeialde (Zeanuri) headquarters with ranchers and the associations involved in the project

Project presentation

On 14/10/2011 in Neiker  Derio, meet the components and Siolmontana project partners to inform and raise awareness of the project, gather the concern