–          Convenient: conveniently pocket-sized to carry to the field, make notes, etc.

–          Easy-to-use: with basic information about the importance of preserving the health of ecosystems, the indicators we can use to identify their health status, how to measure and interpret them, including possible causes and solutions.

–          Objective: with reference values for the diagnosis of ecosystem health (very high – high – mid – low – very low).

–          Universal: can be used by anyone, even without prior specific training.

–          Free: to be given out during “Open Door” days.


Creation process


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Service 1-Pasture Production

INDICATOR 1.1.: Fresh Weight

INDICATOR 1.2: Animal Rejection

INDICATOR 2.1: Plant Species

INDICATOR 2.2. : Soil Strata

INDICATOR 2.3. : Types of Macrofauna

INDICATOR 2.4: Invasive Species

INDICATOR 3.1 :Worms

INDICATOR 3.2.: Compaction

INDICATOR 3.3: Erosion Risk

INDICATOR 3.4 : Infiltration Capacity

INDICATOR 3.5.: Plant colour

INDICATOR 4.1: Root Abundance

INDICATOR 4.2.: Soil colour