The management of pastoral agroecosystems is subject to a variety of threats, consisting of inappropriate agricultural practices and cessation of the activity.

These threats affect the agroecosystem as a whole, both the different habitats making it up and the flora and fauna it is home to. We should also remember the significant biodiversity present in the soil and the key role it plays in maintaining the services offered by these ecosystems.

The SOILMONTANA project aims to help to halt the loss of edaphic and plant biodiversity in transhumant pastoral agroecosystems.

–         In the short term: by carrying out a number of specific activities on site.

–         In the medium term: by developing a new tool (Agroecosystem Health Cards-AHC) that will allow anyone, even without prior training, to assess the impact of these and other possible future activities on the biodiversity and functionality (i.e. the health) of  agroecosystems.