SOILMONTANA project technological disemination last meeting

From the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of NEIKER we invite you to the final technological transfer meeting of the project funded by the EU LIFE program and the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government titled “Agroecosystem Health Cards: conservation of biodiversity soil and vegetation in pasture areas in mountains and valley bottom-SOILMONTANA- LIFE10 NAT / ES / 579 ”

This conference is aimed at farmers, technicians, politicians and the public in general, who are interested or related to the conservation of biodiversity, and mountain agricultural systems in particular.

The purpose of this meeting is to transfer the results of the assessment of the impact of various conservation practices pastures using the methodology of Health Cards agroecosystems, developed in the context of the project.

 SOILMONTANA project  technology transfe last meeting