Mendia eta haran barreneko larren osasunaren inguruko jardunaldia

The agricultural ecosistems encounter different threats in relation to its consistent management misuse (making inadequate agricultural practices) or non-use (cessation of activity).

These threats affect agroecosystem as a whole, both the different habitats that configure it as a species of flora and fauna that harbours. We must also not forget the importance of high biodiversity present in the soil and its key role in maintaining the services offered by these ecosystems.

The SOILMONTANA project, coordinated by NEIKER-Tecnalia and financed by the European Union within its LIFE Programme (LIFE 10NAT / ES / 579) aims to contribute to halting the loss of soil and plant biodiversity in agro-pastoral under transtermitante management, in the short-term by performing a series of concrete actions on the ground, and medium to long term by developing a new (Agroecosystem Health Cards-TSA) tool that will allow anyone, even without prior training, evaluate the impact of these and other possible future actions on biodiversity and functionality (ie health) of agroecosystems.

In order to inform the industry on major developments of the project since its inception (September 2011) until today, a meetting in order to make public the results has been organized next March 29, 2014  from 10: 00, at the Museum of Orozko.

Planned program:

10:00 Advancement of project results

-Actions Made: clearing, subscribers, limed, closures.

-Measurements Made: Practical examples of simple analysis.

-Effect Observed on vegetation and soil.

-Evaluation By Global Health Cards.

12:00 Lunch