Technology transfer day to the sector

 The conference held on November 3 about SOILMONTANA project and Agroecosystem health cards presentation, was very positive in all aspects: attendance, interest and future commitments.

In response to the needs of farmers participating in the project, the day was celebrated in festive, allowing a considerable following among professionals in the area, with more than thirty people. We also had the presence of Arantza Aldezabal, grass expert and researcher at the UPV / EHU, Xabier Lejarzegi ENEEK-Council of Ecological Agriculture and Food of the Basque Country president, and representatives of the training area of Ecilogical agriculture of EHNE union-Basque Country Peasant Solidarity , among the attendees.

We began with a briefing on the Kultur Etxea Zeanuri, making a brief presentation of the activities of conservation carryed out on pastures of Gorbeialdea developed both in mountain pastures (60 acres paid, 44 acres cleared, and 12 won closures) and Valley bottom grasses (12 hectares paid, 6 hectares whitewashed, and 4 won closures), during this first year of the LIFE-Soilmontana project. Then we went up to the mountain pastures of Arimegorta within the Gorbeia Natural Pastures, where we made a practical demonstration of how any of us, without need to be experts, can do a basic reliable diagnosis on the ecosystem health helped by the Agroecosystems HEalth Cards, which were distributed for free. Finally, we enjoyed a tasting of local products, with cheese as main product (could not be otherwise, being one of the farmers involved in the project, Jon Etxebarria, the recent winner of the last Monday Idiazabal cheese championship of Gernika).

For more information about the project and get one of these Agroecosystem Health cards, totally free contact:  or call 627974966