Neiker Experts show how to perform, reliable diagnoses in the health of a grazing ground

In order to present the activities developed during this first year within the project “Soilmontana-Agroecosystem health cards : soil and plant biodiversity conservation in grazing mountains and valley bottoms”, Neiker-Tecnalia organized last Saturday November 3, together with the Basque Government, Lorra and farmers associations and Zeanuri Orozko, a technical conference with access to the grazing area of Arimegorta (Zeanuri) to observe in situ some of the work done.

The day began with an overview of the project and the AHC or soil health cards presentation. Later on there was a field trip to the area where NEIKER researchers proceeded to demonstrate the use of the AHC. In addition, these cards were distributed free to farmers and ranchers who attended the meeting, so they can assess the health of their plots.

The AHC will be available to anyone who requests it by calling NEIKER (944034300) or send an e-mail to


Listen to the interview in Bizkaia Irratia